She’s still not much of a fan of walking, but she sure loves to climb the stairs. And on this morning, Scott had just woken up, so he was at the top to surprise her.


it seemed like a good idea


Somehow all the pieces to this dinosaur model “disappeared” when D wasn’t looking.

k’s 1st birthday

It’s hard to believe our little angel is one year old already! Reviewing this blog, I realize I have not recorded many stats and happenings over K’s first year (well, I have recorded them, just not blogged.) I’m trying to carve out more time in my schedule to share some of these memories, but here’s a little bit about K at 12 months:

  • Overall, she’s a very good sleeper. She started sleeping through the night around 6 months. Currently, she goes to bed between 6:30 and 7 and sleeps until about 5:30, when we give her a bottle of milk, and then usually we can get her to go back to sleep for at least another 45 minutes. I keep hoping she will “sleep in” until 6:30, but so far, no luck. She naps great at home, taking 2 naps on the weekends, but her napping at school hasn’t been so successful. She usually only naps for about 30 minutes.
  • We took away her bottles (except for 1 in the morning) after her 1st birthday and there’s been no issues with that. She does great with her sippy cup and she’s also off of formula and drinking whole milk.
  • Lately, she really prefers me. There’s times when she will cry and cry unless I hold her.
  • She’s taken a few steps, but no consistent walking yet.
  • Her latest phrase is “uh-oh.” But when she says it, her voice sounds kind of deep. It almost sounds like a grunt.
  • She’s become very good at feeding herself. Some of her favorite foods now are bananas, ravioli and graham crackers.
  • She loves her big brother. You will mostly find her following him around, interested in whatever he’s doing.

We headed over to Moses Lake for a joint birthday celebration with my dad and niece, Tia (who share K’s birthday), and my other niece, Tressa (who’s birthday is the next day.) I was a little nervous about how K would do sleeping in the pack n play, but she did great, going to sleep on her own both nights.























my first video

I am currently taking Xanthe Berkeley’s Creating Time Capsules yearlong course. As seems to be the case with everything I do, I am way behind, but finally got some time to sit down yesterday and start going through the materials. Since it was my first time using iMovie, I decided to do a simple video of our day at the fair (I had already posted the photos here). I had so much fun putting this together and can’t wait to do some more! (Click through to watch on the Vimeo site for full HD).

A Day at the Fair from ashionista on Vimeo

for the love of nascar



D has always loved cars and more recently, he has become a big Nascar fan. If you ask him who is his favorite racer is, he will tell you Danica Patrick, then Dale Earnhardt Jr., and then Greg Biffle. He knows all the racers names and says he likes Danica the most because she’s sweet.

Scott took him to Home Depot this weekend and got him this American flag. D was waving it around yesterday, while watching the Nascar race, pretending it was a checkered flag. Sometimes the flag was needed because there was a caution. And then he asked me if I wanted to be a pace car.

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