No More Poking…

I had my 28-week appointment on Friday, which included the glucola test.  I have to say, the drink wasn’t all that bad.  I thought it tasted a lot like red gatorade.  I won’t know the results of the test until Monday, but let’s hope I pass!  Pregnancy is hard enough without having to worry about eating too much sugar.  Otherwise, everything else looked great.  The heartbeat was around 135 and the doc measured my stomach and it was measuring right on.  I had to get my blood drawn for the last time (hopefully) and I got my flu shot, so I should be clear of needles for awhile.

We also finally got around to ordering the remaining baby items.  The furniture is on backorder until November 6, but we already received most everything else, including the car seat, stroller, pack n play, etc.  We have a ton of boxes sitting downstairs waiting to be opened and stuff to be put together.  Birth classes have been going great.  Last class, we covered actual labor and dealing with pain.  I’m wondering if I will become one of those women who become extremely irritable during labor…


2 thoughts on “No More Poking…

  1. so thankful everything is going great. I know your mom is helping you,but I feel helpless. I should be doing something to make things easey on youbut know I love you anyway.


  2. So how did it turn out?!?! Are you clear to eat all the candy and ice cream you can handle?!!? 🙂 Oh and I also want pics of the baby furniture ASAP. Please and Thank you. 🙂


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