Now that Decker has gotten mobile, staying in the house all day playing, just doesn’t cut it.  He gets bored pretty easily, so we decided we need to be more diligent about getting out with him and doing things.  It makes it easier for us, now that he is at an age where he can really be entertained by seeing new things.  I decided to take him on a walk at the Washington Arboretum.  I have never been there, and I really wanted to try to get some good shots of fall colors before all the leaves are gone.  Decker enjoyed it, despite a pretty bad cold.  It was nice being out in the crisp fall air!

With the cool weather, I decided he needed to try out a hat.

The arboretum was beautiful!  We definitely need to go back to get some portraits.

Bundled up for the walk.

Doesn’t he look like a little baby model?  So serious!

On another note, I mentioned that Decker is now throwing.  It’s come in handy as a great way for him to entertain himself.  You can also see how good he is at crawling here.


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