11 Months

Decker at 11 months:

  • He LOVES walking with his walker.  He will go up and down the hallways, just laughing and shrieking, so proud of himself.  He has a little bit of trouble walking in a straight line though.
  • He now has 6 teeth (top and bottom middle, and upper eye teeth.)
  • He seems to be going through his “I prefer Mommy phase,” which is sweet because he always wants to be with me or around me, but it will be nice when he wants to share his time more evenly between both me and Scott.
  • He has stood on his own for a few seconds.
  • I think he seems to be pretty independent because he doesn’t seem to have any trouble playing by himself and entertaining himself.

Decker being Decker

Ready for the Georgia/Auburn game!


Help from Dad

Before heading out for a night out with the girls


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