Decker’s 1st birthday celebration

We decided to celebrate Decker’s 1st birthday over the Christmas holiday, when more of the family could be there.  His birthday presents were kind of mixed in with his Christmas presents and then we did an ice cream cake and of course, his cake smash.  Since his birthday is only 10 days before Christmas, we’re going to have to figure out a better way of celebrating it in the future so he doesn’t get shorted!  The following pictures are a mix taken with my DSLR and point and shoot.  I’m sure you can tell which ones were which.  But I am glad to have them all!

Clapping after everyone sang to him.

He hated his birthday hat!

Ready for the smash cake

Not feelin’ it…

so I thought I’d help him out



11 thoughts on “Decker’s 1st birthday celebration

  1. I was a little worried for a second there that he wasn’t going to be game for any cake smashing. But I’m glad he came around; he definitely gave me a treat! Thanks for sharing and Happy 1st, Decker!


  2. Happy 1st Birthday, Decker!!! Oh my, what adorable memories you captured! Oh cute that he didn’t immediately love the cake but got into after tasting it. My oldest has a birthday on 12/6 and I’m always conscious of not mixing her birthday with Christmas but it’s hard for the extended family. Great job on the cake smash pictures and yes, I can totally tell them from the P&S photos!


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