There’s light at the end of the sickness tunnel

I decided to take Decker into the doctor on Wednesday because I could hear him wheezing when he was trying to breathe.  Turns out he has bronchiolitis.  The doctor recommended we start giving him Albuterol breathing treatments through the nebulizer and we did the first one in the office.  Wow, he did not like that one bit!  He screamed and cried the entire time.  But once it was over, the doc came back in and listened to him and said his wheezing was gone.  I was really blown away by the nebulizer they sent us home with.  It was a penguin with an igloo carrying case.  LOL.  I mean, it’s super cute but I find it hilarious that they put so much thought into these things for kids.

Anyways, the first couple treatments at home went the same…he cried and screamed the entire time.  But he’s now gotten used to it and we have a routine.  We put him in his exersaucer and turn on Barney.  The good news is that he has finally turned the corner and is getting close to healthy.  I can tell because he is now back to his normal, happy self.  It’s been really difficult seeing him so fussy and unhappy this last month.

As for me, I am still battling a cold/sinus congestion, but I’m starting to feel better too.  I think it’s also helping because I can sleep better now, knowing that Decker is doing better and not hearing him cough and fuss during the night.  This is just in time too, because I start my first day of work tomorrow.

I went and had a conference with his new daycare teacher on Friday.  She seems wonderful and I’m really excited about him starting at this new center.  We decided to switch centers (still the same daycare, just a different location) because this new center opens at 6am whereas his old center didn’t open until 7:30.  Even though I will probably be dropping him off around 7:30, it’s always good to have the flexibility just in case something comes up.  His new center is also much larger, more like a school, so they have more resources, such as three separate playgrounds and more extracurricular activities.  Just a few pictures, as I was looking through my iPhone pics.

The nebulizer

Such a good boy

Here is an example of how fussy he’s been…he was NOT loving green beans.

Just hangin’ out


9 thoughts on “There’s light at the end of the sickness tunnel

  1. Being sick is no fun, but seeing yoour little one(s) sick is all that much worse. I always say, I would rather have a flu upon a cold upon strep throat that to see my little girl with just the slightest sniffle. That’s what parents think I suppose

    I hope for a fast ans speedy recovery and kicking these “icky” illnesses in their butt!!!



  2. I hate when our babies are sick. The breathing machine does help a lot, Kaden has one too! Its a nice thing to have on back up. 🙂 Yours is adorable, I love the penguin. Hope you all feel better soon.


  3. BBC momma here and first off im glad your lil guy is doing better, my son just got over sinusitis a few days ago! We too have the same nebulizer and had the same issues having him do his treatment. We put on an almo video that he gets to see when he is sick and doesnt have the energy to do anything but lay down, and it helped distract him long enough to finish the treatment. That was going to be my recommendation until I read you did the same and I was like “okay she figured it out too”. Hope you feel better!


  4. Glad you are feeling better! Daycare means more illness (preschool has been that way for us too). I just wNt us all healthy at the same time! How was work!? Hope you are staying warm, Ash xoxo


  5. Oh, bless his heart! (We say that in the south.) Both of you. My son (who is 12 now, practically an adult) had terrible trouble with asthma (like fly to a hospital in an ambulance trouble) when he was little but he’s mostly outgrown it now. The only lingering issues are a cough that can get never-ending, but even that seems better in the last year or so. Feel better, and rest. All of you!


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