Sickness strikes again

Well, we had another round of sickness go through our household.  This time it was some sort of stomach bug and I’m pretty sure it originated with the usual suspect (Decker.)  He had diarrhea for about a week and was teething.  Then he passed it along to me, causing me to miss 3 days of work last week and now it is onto Scott.  However, I think we’re finally at the tail end of it!  Luckily, his teething seems to be over for the time being too.  He had another bottom tooth break through and a molar.

He was cheesing for me the other night

And I had to capture his first little curl.  His hair is getting long.


One thought on “Sickness strikes again

  1. sorry to hear you guys were sick again! that sucks! Glad you are on the mend. Also……his video looks a little Blair witch and it cracked me up. HIs hair is adorable!!!!


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