Once bitten, twice shy

The last few weeks, I have been getting a lot of calls at work from Decker’s daycare.  Luckily, none of them have been to report that he’s sick and needs to go home.  Instead, it’s usually just to let me know that he bumped his head while dancing or dove on the floor and managed to get a rug burn on his forehead.

So, when I got another call from daycare today, I wasn’t really surprised.  However, this one was a bit different.  The teacher was calling me to let me know that Decker had been bitten on the arm by one of his classmates.  My mind wandered back to when I met with Decker’s teacher for the first time, before he started going to this daycare.  She warned me that I would probably be receiving phone calls telling me Decker bit someone or vice versa.  I guess biting is a pretty popular pastime amongst toddlers.

Decker’s ouchie report explained it all.

Description of what happened:  Decker was reading a book and a friend [term used loosely in this instance] wanted to take the book away.  The friend bit on Decker’s arm.

Describe the nature of the injury:  Bite

Describe the body part injured:  Left forearm, right forearm

First aid administered:  Wash, icey

Decker seems to have recovered fine.  I’m just hoping he doesn’t emulate this behavior now.


5 thoughts on “Once bitten, twice shy

  1. Glad to hear he recovered! Ouchie reports are never fun. We fortunately haven’t had any biting issues with our girls, knock on wood. I really give those preschool teachers credit… I don’t think I could do their job!


  2. It is very normal! I have too many bite stories to count. One time, I didn’t get a report and we discovered a bite mark on Josiah’s back that was pretty bad… it looked like it broke skin. That was probably the most traumatic of his bites. . Josiah was never really much of a biter (more of a hitter), but one time, I remember walking into my son’s daycare (the babysitter ran the daycare in her house) and seeing this cute little toddler with a huge bite mark on his face. I asked the babysitter what happened and to my horror, my son had bit him! I was 9 months pregnant at the time and I just cried because I felt so bad.


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