Dancing like no one is watching

It seems like Decker really enjoys music.  I’ve already posted numerous videos of him dancing and now, he has even started singing.  What I love the most about his dancing is that he really gets into it and does not seem to care what anybody else is doing or what they think of him.  I guess this is one of the most refreshing traits of a toddler.  He is not yet old enough to have been teased or to feel self-conscious in front of others and I wish I could somehow make it so he stayed this way his entire life!  A recent report from daycare:

Today was Mr. Doug’s Concert and Decker was pretty excited to go.  He was also the first one to get up and go dance when Mr. Doug started playing his guitar.  He is such a great and funny little dancer, he likes to stomp his foot and clap his hands as he kind of spins in a half circle and once he started to dance a few of his friends went up and joined him.  A few minutes into the concert some shakers and the drums were brought out and Decker grabbed a shaker and started using it as a drum stick and was banging away at the drum while he still tried to dance.

And a few videos.  This first one was taken at daycare.  You can also tell that Decker is starting to stake claim to certain items by pushing his classmates away.

And just a bit more singing and dancing.

And even if he isn’t full-out dancing, we can always find him bobbing his head to the beat. (I guess he likes rap music?)


4 thoughts on “Dancing like no one is watching

    • I hope his love of dancing stays with him as he grows up! And I’m thankful he gets to play with drums at school. Hopefully this will prevent us from having to get him some for home. 🙂


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