Our little prince…ss?

This little boy sure has some great style.  He must take after his mom!  🙂  From his daycare report:

Today Decker was playing in home living with the new dress up clothes and he found the fuzzy pink vest and was trying to put it on.  I asked him if he wanted help and he told me no so I just watched as he got one arm in and then kept walking in circles trying to get his other arm in and finally he got his hand in the hole of the second arm so he came over to me to let me help him get it the rest of the way in.  He thought he was pretty cool in that vest and then he went over to get some more clothes to put on.  He got out a blue skirt, purple scarf, pink princess hat and he topped his outfit off with a polka dot purse.  After he posed for a few pictures he took it all off and put on one of the fire hats and then started to try and put hats on all of his friends.  He really likes to dress up and he is getting better and better at getting the clothes on all by himself.


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