i just want my house back!

This post is nothing more than needless complaining.  It is now week 3 with the painters in the house and I am so ready for them to be finished!  I know it is ridiculous that I am complaining about having professionals in my house making it look beautiful, but it really is stressful!  Because they are doing the entire trim, that means that every single room has to be cleared at least enough for them to get around to the walls.  This also includes the closets, which is where we store all our sort of, “junk.”  It is very challenging to find a place to put all of D’s toys when every other room has to stay clear.

On top of the paint, I have been busy buying and overseeing delivery and set up of quite a bit of new furniture.  One thing I’ve learned is that good furniture deliverymen are invaluable.  Macy’s and Pottery Barn get an A+ for being courteous and entirely assembling the furniture.  Crate and Barrel gets a C- because I thought one of the delivery guys was going to pass out because the furniture weighed too much.

Anyways, this whole process has been tiring and stressful and I’m too tired to even post any pictures of the progress.  But hopefully we’ll have our house back by this weekend.


7 thoughts on “i just want my house back!

  1. Wow… three weeks?!?! I think I would be getting tired of that too. How fun that you are getting new furniture! I have the worst luck with furniture… so many pieces that we’ve ordered have arrived damaged which is so frustrating. We actually had a custom made couch arrive with the frame literally broken in half!


    • Yes, three weeks! They are amazingly detailed painters, so it has taken a bit longer. I hear ya on the furniture. I noticed a few little nicks and things, but it’s just too much hassle to send it back. Plus, I’m sure the toddler will ruin it anyways. LOL.


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