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spring fair

A few weeks ago we took D to the Spring Fair and the Monster truck show. This was his first time going on rides and he absolutely loved it! When he got off the carousel, which was his first ride, he exclaimed “That was sooo fun!” Other highlights: seeing some of the monster trucks up close before the show, checking out a reptile exhibit and playing with legos (a good way to pass the time before the monster truck show).

The thing I was most looking forward to was a funnel cake. After only a few minutes of enjoying it, D had to go to the bathroom (and Scott had gone to the car). So, there I was with this messy funnel cake wondering how I was going to carry it into the fair bathrooms. I decided against it, so I stuffed as much in my mouth as I could before I had to take him to the bathroom. Lesson learned for next year: make sure Scott is available while I eat my funnel cake. (All photos shot with my Fuji X100T.)
















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night out


Last Friday, Scott’s work had a happy hour event at a Japanese-Style karaoke bar. We had our own little party room for up to 35 people and controlled all of the karaoke songs ourselves, just by entering them into an iPad. Afterwards, a group of us hit up another bar and then ended up at this pizza joint/bar, where I managed to get one single picture with my Fuji X100T. I guess I was just so excited to be out without the kids, I forgot to get any snaps! Anyways, it ended up being a really fun night and a reminder that we need to make an effort to do things like this more often. One of the teachers from the kids’ daycare brought them home for us and baby-sat them.

Oh, and for the record, I sang Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, Torn by Natalie Imbruglia and did a duet of Shoop by Salt N Pepa, where my inner rapper really came out. (This was after a couple glasses of chardonnay, of course.)

progress, not perfection


Shot with my Fujifilm X100T

Yesterday I hit the gym for the first time in probably almost a year! My workout was nothing earth shattering…I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes. But the fact that I actually went is all that matters. I’m trying to build some healthier habits and lose a few pounds. So, here’s to health!



This little girl finally got a tooth! (Took 10 months.) She tried avocado for the first time. She loved playing with it…eating it, not so much.

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